Informed decisions thanks
to automated data analysis

With its 2,800 employees and consolidated sales of 935 million euros, Zott is one of the leading dairies in Europe. In order to manage the company even more successfully, Zott introduced SAP Analytics Cloud. Together with Telekom Deutschland, T-Systems MMS supported the dairy in implementing the analysis platform throughout the Group.

Customer Benefits

Simplified analysis and reporting process

Improved data quality and timeliness as well as uniform look-and-feel

More solid foundations for decision-making by management

  • Claudius Hingst, Teamlead Analytics, Zott

    „By using the SAP Analytics Cloud, we are taking the next step in our BI strategy and are able to take full advantage of this self-service approach. We would like to thank our colleagues at Telekom and T-Systems MMS for their very satisfactory and cooperative collaboration and look forward to further projects in the future.“

Reference Summary


Group-wide implementation of the SAP Analytics Cloud



Step-by-step integration of all business areas; presentation of analyses on dashboards and stories



Company-wide standardized analyses on a universally available, future-proof and scalable platform


  • Requirements

    Automated Data Analysis

    To enable stakeholders to take the best possible decisions, the up-to-date availability of cross-divisional reports and analyses is essential. Until now, this process has been characterized by many manual work steps at Zott. Zott therefore wanted a solution that would allow data from management applications of the various departments to be fed in, automatically evaluated, and displayed on interactive dashboards and in standardized reports. The aim was to transfer the possibilities of simulation and visualization of data more to the specialist areas, while ensuring the conformity of the evaluations and analyses. For the implementation of this ambitious project, the dairy hired the digitization experts from Telekom and T-Systems MMS.

  • Solution

    Scalable Platform based on SAP Analytics Cloud

    SAP Analytics Cloud, a self-service platform for business intelligence, planning, and real-time analytics, was selected for a suitable tool. Telekom and T-Systems support Zott in introducing the platform with consulting, design, and development services throughout the Group in the Zott look and feel. Gradually, all business areas are connected, and existing data and analytics are transferred to SAP Analytics Cloud. The data comes from many different sources, e. g. SAP BW, SQL databases or flat files.
    The core element of the SAP Analytics Cloud is “stories” that are scalable. Telekom and T-Systems MMS accompany Zott in developing data models, reports and analyses as well as presenting the live data in a compact and comprehensive way. All division managers now receive automatically generated PowerPoint presentations with all relevant analyses. In addition, Zott can visualize energy management data on flow chart dashboards and filter them flexibly and interactively.
    During the further development of the platform, it will also be possible to work even more interactively with the SAP Analytics Cloud in the future beyond pure data analysis. For example, by being able to comment on numbers and automatically executing processes as a result. The motto here is: “From documentation to action.”

  • Benefit

    Taking secure decisions – always and everywhere

    With the introduction of the SAP Analytics Cloud, Zott benefits from standardized analyses and evaluations across all Group units. The previously time-consuming manual compilation of data from different sources is eliminated. This not only simplifies the analysis process, but also increases the quality of the evaluations. As a result, management receives extensive information on the basis of which decisions can be made. The tailor-made, machine-generated analyses also support employees in creating individual reports independently of the IT department.
    With the SAP Analytics Cloud, Zott has a future-proof, scalable solution that can be extended to all areas and grow with the company’s requirements. Since data and stories can be accessed independently of the devices used, flexible and location-independent work is supported - not only during a pandemic, an important benefit for any company.

About Zott SE Co. KG

Zott SE & Co. KG is a German dairy based in Mertingen, Bavaria. Founded in 1926, the family business is one of the leading dairies in Europe with a turnover of 935 million euros. The approximately 2,800 employees produce a variety of internationally popular yoghurt, dessert and cheese specialties every year, including Zott Sahne yoghurt and Zott Monte.

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