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    New Work: the new reality

    How will I meet the changing needs of employees?
    What is the potential of New Work? Which aspects of New Work are target-oriented for my company?
    We answered these and other questions for you in our Whitepaper "New Work: The new reality".

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How is New Work becoming the New Reality?

How companies can implement the concept of "New Work"

Employees are becoming more and more valuable. What used to be an employers market is quickly turning into an employees market with a lot of new challenges. New Work is therefore slowly becoming the new reality that has to be acknowleged in every layer. The aim of our whitepaper is to show you how to fulfill the requirements and which realms will support you along the way.

  • Wind of change

    What do my (potential) employees want?

    Company car, more holidays or a salary increase? Current demands have never been that different amongst company employees as they are now during the time of digitalization and lack of employees. The general framework is changing through the transformation into an employee orientated market. You can see the most important aspects concerning New Work and Industry 4.0 in our graph that is taken out of our whitepaper.

These four elements lead you to success

First element: Skills & Mindset

As a result, not only new technologies and forms of organization must be introduced, but also mind sets and attitudes must change.

Second element: Devices & Tools

Digitalization has created a whole range of tools and devices, which make work easier and more intuitive, provide an overview and enable and promote collaboration across teams irrespective of their location.

Third element: Digital processes

In order to support employees in their work and create scope for development, there is a need for standardization, optimization and, if possible automation of relevant business processes, starting with commercial and personnel processes, through production processes up to software processes of the IT department.

Fourth element: Reliable Backend-Systems

Prerequisite for New Work: New work will only be possible if the required systems and information can be integrated into the existing working environment of employees in a simple, legally compliant manner and without media breaks.

What does it mean for my company?

Our whitepaper provides you with up-to-date information:

Get acquainted with new work

What challenges does the changing of the employment market hold? What connects the employees with New Work?

Understand the background of new work

What do employees wish for themselves? What does New Work mean in the company context of today?

Let new work become the reality of your company

How multi-faced is New Work? Which element matches to my demands? How do specific application examples look?

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